The check-in process

RoboTEC is approaching fast, as there is only one week left until we get to welcome over 200 people to our project's 5th edition. This year the participants' number has increased exponentially with people coming from countries such as Croatia, Egipt, Italy, Macedonia, Serbia and of course, Romania.


Our whole team of organizers is working hard towards making this year's edition the best one yet. In order to reach that goal, however, we need to be sure that each participant understands its part in making things go as smoothly as possible. On this important note, we want to let you know that no matter where you are coming from, outside of Timisoara or not, you all need to go through the check-in process, where you will be provided with your badges, goodie bags and more. And for that part, you will be expected in the Faculty of Automation and Computers.


See you at RoboTEC! Prepare for an amazing experience, we do too!

16/3/19, 8:03 PM