Întrebări adresate frecvent

Is there an age limit for participating in the competition?

In order to participate in RoboTEC, you must be a student (highschool, bachelor, master or doctorate). There is one exception - The Mega Sumo challenge - where there are no restrictions for participants.

Is there a participation fee?

No, there is no participation fee  in RoboTEC. Besides , we will provide for you the meals and the accommodation.

Where will the competition take place?

The competition will take place in Timișoara, Romania, and the challenges will take place both at the Faculty of Automation and Computers, as well as in a commercial center in the city.

Where will I stay during the competition?

The participants will be accommodated in the students' dorms at the campus of the Politehnica University, in rooms for two or five people, or in lecture rooms, specially arranged for up to 15 people.

If I am a minor, where will I stay?

Minors will be accommodated separately from the rest of the participants, along with their mentors, at a hotel.

Is the transport to Timisoara and back home provided by the organizers?

No, the transport is not provided. All participants will be required to plan their trip to Timișoara on their own.

Can we build the robots during the competition?

The competition consists of the challenges in which the robots compete against each other, and it would be best to build the robot at home, so that there is no risk that you will not be able to compete anymore.