Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can we register for RoboTEC 2018?

Just complete the registration form.

2. Do we have to pay a registration fee?

No, you do not have to pay any fees.

3. What documents do we need for registration?

No documents are needed for registration. However, you will need to present both an ID card and a proof of your enrollment in some form of education during the competition.

4. Are we eligible for the competition?

As long as all team members are enrolled in some form of education you most surely do.

5. What are the contest rules?

You can find the rules here. Please make sure that you look over both the general rules (i.e. rules that apply for all of the competitions) and the ones specific for the competitions you're interested in!

6. How many challenges can a team participate in?

A team can take part in how many challenges them members of the team consider, as long as the robot fits in the rules of homologation and the rules of the challenge.

7. How many students can a team have?

A team can have up to 3 students, and possibly a mentor.

8. Can we choose what programming language to use?

Yes, you can use any programming language you want to.

9. Will you provide accommodation during our stay in Timișoara?

Yes, you'll be accommodated in the University Politehnica Timișoara student's dorms.

10. Will you assure our meals during the competition?

Yes, we will provide you only breakfast and lunch. For dinner, we'll offer you a guide to local places you can eat at.

11. How much extra money should we have?

It depends on how much fun you want to have. We recommend you to have some, just in case.

12. If I can’t be present at the ceremony, what will happen to my award?

Don’t worry, we will send your award by post!

13. Will there be someone waiting for us when we arrive in Timișoara?

Yes, we will contact you in order to greet you and show you to the dorms.

14. What if I have other questions?

For any other questions, please contact us.

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