RoboTEC is an international competition organized by Liga AC (Students’ League of the Faculty of Automation and Computers), with the support of teachers and IT&C companies.

It is aimed at students from faculties in Romania and abroad, passionate about robotics and artificial intelligence and its purpose is to deepen the knowledge and improve the participants' skills for the creation, programming and testing an autonomous robot that strictly complies with the requirements stipulated in the contest's regulations.

Moreover, competitors also have the opportunity to interact directly with the University Politehnica of Timişoara by visiting laboratories and the campus. You can also visit Timișoara’s various tourist attractions.

Therefore, RoboTEC is a genuine competition, where the chance for acquiring programmer experience blend perfectly with socializing with people who work, in one way or another, with technology.


This year, RoboTEC has reached its fourth edition. We have added another 3 different challenges to our list: Line Follower Enhanced, Line Follower Turbo and Mega Sumo.

Students and children all over the country and the world are invited to participate to our contest during 22nd-24th of March 2018.

A team can have up to three individuals (+ a mentor, if they want to) and can participate at how many challenges they wish.

For our participants, we are offering free food and accommodation in the University Politehnica of Timişoara student's dorms.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us on our official Facebook page or by email:

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